We help tourist businesses take bookings and get paid.

Take advance payments to confirm bookings, and save on credit card fees when customers pay by card.

Available to hotels, hostels & tourist activity operators in over 100 countries.

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How It Works
Confirm a Booking

When you receive a booking, send the customer a Tab advance payment weblink.

You can ask for full payment or just a deposit to confirm the booking.

card payment

When the customer arrives, you can use the Tab Business app to charge the customer's card for any remaining balance.

We charge customers in their home currency so they know how much they are paying.

Get paid

We send payments direct to your bank account each week.

You can choose to be paid in your local currency or another major currency, at no extra cost.

The Driftwood Surfer
El Paredon, Guatemala

“Easy and fast - the new app is amazing.”

The Hummingbird
Bocas del Toro, Panama

“The service is working great. We love it!”

The Yak Hostel
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

“Our staff and our customers find it very easy and comfortable to use.”

La Iguana Perdida
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

“We love using Tab – it's easy and convenient!”

our Fees
No extra fees for on-the-spot payments.
For each advance payment, we charge an extra $1.
  • No monthly fees, and no hardware rental fees
  • Free to receive payouts in any currency
  • Customers pay no more with Tab, because our customer fee simply replaces their bank's foreign card usage fee
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4 reasons to start using Tab today

You could be losing $3,000/year

Typical businesses save $3,000/year when they use Tab, by reducing no-shows, up-selling customers and paying less to accept credit cards.

It's easy to try out Tab

We can set you up in 1-3 days, and you don't need any new hardware. There's no long contract or commitment, so you can cancel anytime, for any reason.

Designed for tourist businesses

Tab is designed just for tourist businesses, wherever they are in the world. We understand your needs, and we're focused on helping you build your business.

Bank-grade security

Sensitive data is stored using AES-256 encryption and always sent over secure SSL connections.

Tab is used by tourist businesses all over the world, supporting 60+ countries and 100+ currencies.
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