About Us

Tab is based in London and San Francisco.

We're backed by Y Combinator (the investors behind Airbnb & Dropbox).

Why we started Tab

To help travellers see more of the world.
We love to travel. But it can be hard to discover the best places when you're in town for a short while.

Booking and payments can also be a hassle, from wrong information to crazy foreign card fees and booking commissions.

So we started Tab to help travellers and tourist businesses get a fairer deal.

Meet the founders

Co-founder & CEO
Mark Datta
Mark worked in the finance industry, and at travel and fintech startups. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

His favourite countries are Argentina, Cuba and Japan, and his off-the-beaten-path tip is to visit Fatehpur Sikri in India.
Co-founder & CTO
Chris Wood
Chris has worked as a software developer and CTO at a number of startups in the telecoms and security space.

His favourite countries are New Zealand, India and Italy, and his off-the-beaten-path tip is to go hiking in Ladakh.
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