4 things travellers really want from your business

Business Tips

March 5, 2018

What do travellers really think?

We speak to lots of travellers and whilst everyone is different, there are definitely some common themes in the feedback we hear. Below is our list of 4 things that travellers really want...

#1 Payments in advance are great

Lots of travellers like to plan and being able to pay for their accommodation/activities in advance means one less thing to worry about. There's less need to carry large amounts of cash, which can be stressful and unsafe. Taking advanced payments is also great for your business as it can significantly reduce no shows (people who have already paid are obviously less likely to cancel at the last minute or not show up!).

#2 Real local recommendations

Whilst part of the fun of travelling is exploring new places on your own and blazing your own trail, a little help can still be useful! Let your guests know about your favourite locals spots - they'll be grateful for the special attention and feel even more looked after!

#3 Put safety first

Safety is one of the top concerns we hear about when we speak to travellers. Make sure that you do your best to make your guests feel at home and secure - first impressions are very important, especially when people are in an unfamiliar environment! Let them know about any particular rules and regulations in the area that they might not know about. The safer guests feel, the more they're able to enjoy the experience!

#4 Listen

Make sure your guests feel listened to and looked after. Whilst you might not be able to give them your undivided attention, it's important that they feel valued and confident that if a problem does arise - you'll be on hand to help them out.