Curated Experiences - How to offer unforgettable experiences for your travellers

Business Tips

May 1, 2019

How can you make your guest's stay as memorable as possible with once-in-a-lifetime experiences?

The modern traveller—armed with an ever-growing toolbox of digital tools, platforms and information at their finger tips. Booking a trip has never been easier ... and yet more complicated. Today's globetrotters are more empowered than ever. Increased choice and flexibility has seen the emergence of a new type of traveller— the “curated experience” seeker.

Curated trips include those looking for more nuanced and personalised travel experiences. From focusing on particular neighbourhoods and local hidden gems, instead of whole cities and well-trodden landmarks; to interest-centric activities catered around individual's interests—culturally immersive tours centred around history, architecture, gastronomy, arts, music or wellness for example. No longer content with traditional tours, these independent travellers are looking to take a hands-on approach in assembling their own, personalised, authentic and unforgettable experiences.

So how can your tourism business best serve this new breed of traveller?

Tab’s top tips for Curated Experiences

1. Bookings any time, any place!

With a move towards self-designed trips or customised itineraries, your business will likely deal with the full spectrum of travellers. From those who book months in advance, to spur of the moment arrivals on the day. Flexibility to seamlessly accommodate bookings at any and all times is key.

Early bookings are made simple with Tab's Advance Bookings feature. Whilst in-person card payments take just seconds through the Tab Accept app on your phone!

2. We have just the thing for you ...

With travellers increasingly opting for apps and websites to book tours and activities, providing them the ability to do so on your website or app is key. Allowing you to offer and up-sell these items alongside your usual products. From cooking lessons to walking photography tours and kayak rentals at the click of a button!

With travellers also more regularly opting for apps and websites as their primary source of recommendations or information over front desks and information booths—it can be important to include handy guides and your best local tips across your digital platforms and social media.  

3. The Local Touch

With the proliferation of online reviews and “top 10 lists”, popular tourist attractions and destinations can be saturated with reports and recommendations. Set your self apart by sharing your exclusive “hyper-local” expertise and knowledge. Get to know your guests personally and offer them tailored recommendations.

From hidden hole-in-the-wall eateries to early morning markets where you'll find only the best local produce—increasingly well-travelled individuals are seeking to get underneath the skin of indigenous cultures by interacting with locals and immersing themselves through discovering artisanal cuisine, products and traditions.

Don't hesitate to educate your guests about all the unique unexpected and unusual options available to them!

4. Invigorating experiences

Almost two thirds of travellers (60 per cent) value experiences higher than material possessions. Beyond just sampling foreign foods in restaurants and picking up souvenirs in boutiques and gift shops, individuals are now often looking to try their own hand at cooking or making. Learning new skills and authentic recipes to take back home!

Offer rewarding experiential-driven activities through immersive classes and workshops. Letting your guests leave with a new found level of personal fulfilment.

5. Power of Social Spaces

Harness the power of social spaces and human connection. Offering welcoming communal and personalised areas for your global guests to mingle can promote the swapping of stories and cultures; resulting in lasting friendships and shared adventures. Providing a platform for like-minded travellers to enjoy each others' company can lead to memorable and engaging experiences. Help your guests feel like they belong!