5 things to remember when dealing with difficult guests

All businesses receive complaints - no matter how fantastic they are! Dealing with angry guests can be difficult, especially when you might not agree with them, but remaining in control and managing the situation in a professional manner is very important for your business - positive reviews go a long way! Below are our 5 top tips for managing difficult guests.

1. Listen to their concerns

Whether you feel that their complaint is valid or nor, it's important that they know their concerns are being heard - sometimes guests just need somewhere to vent! Make sure you are approachable and  listening to them rather than arguing. Remaining in control is crucial as you don't want to escalate the situation before you've had a chance to reach a positive resolution.

2. Show them you care

Try and see things from their point of view and take the time to discuss the situation with them - a little empathy can often go a long way! This is an important step in hopefully finding common ground and reaching a positive conclusion. Let them know that you value their feedback.

3. Offer a solution

You've listened carefully and the guest knows you're there to help - now you need to resolve the situation. Present your solution to your guest and if they're still not happy, ask them what would help rectify the situation from their point of view. From here you can work to find a solution that works for everyone.

4. Be assertive when necessary

It's important not to make promises you can't keep (that will only lead to more problems!). If you've gathered all of the facts and it is clear that you business is not at fault, it's probably best to not over-compensate - try and find a happy compromise. Whilst you want guests to know that you are approachable and eager to help, you also want to set a precedent for being fair!

5. Act on feedback

After you've resolved the situation and your guest has hopefully gone away feeling valued, it's time to look forward. Take on your guest's feedback and stop the same complaints from happening again! Your guest's feedback is invaluable when it comes to you creating the best customer experience possible!

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