Meet the Business: Kalaw Heritage Hotel

We caught up with Ole from Kalaw Heritage Hotel in Myanmar to learn more about his business!
When did you open Kalaw Heritage Hotel and what inspired you to do so?

Kalaw Heritage Hotel has existed since 1903, got renovated in 2015, and re-opened in 2016. It's been run for 117 years as hotel accommodation since British times. We take it as our pride to provide our visitors with the opportunity to experience the old-world charm of the former times.

How has Tab helped Kalaw Heritage Hotel?

Tab helps us to provide a secured and personalized credit card payment solution for direct bookings.

The Heritage Suite at Kalaw Heritage Hotel
What is your favourite feature that Tab offers? Why?

We love the advance payment tool, which can close booking deals with travel agencies and direct bookings.

Why would you recommend Tab to another business?

We recommend it, because of its easy handling, the professional customer support and, most importantly, the security of our guests' and clients' data. No more sending sensitive credit card data by email is necessary.

The Pine Building, dating back to 1903
Why is Kalaw a great place to visit?

Kalaw town is a former Hill Station about 1400m above sea level. It's famous for its countless colonial buildings, mountains, pine forests, outdoor activities such hiking and biking, and its fresh moderate climate.

You can find out more about Kalaw Heritage Hotel on their website at or on Instagram at @kalaw_heritage_hotel.

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