Meet the Business: Surf & Yoga Mirissa

We caught up with Priyal from Surf & Yoga Mirissa in Sri Lanka to learn more about his business!
When did you open Surf & Yoga Mirissa and what inspired you to do so?

We opened in December 2016. What inspired me to open Surf & Yoga Mirissa is the love I have for surfing, and hosting surfers, and drive for freedom.

Surf & Yoga Mirissa's accommodation
How has Tab helped Surf & Yoga Mirissa?

It's the first online payment gateway that we've used, it's really user-friendly and clients love it.

What is your favourite feature that Tab offers? Why?

My favourite feature is the ability to create an online invoice!

Why would you recommend Tab to another business?

Easy to use, and fast support.

Aerial view of Surf & Yoga Mirissa
Why is Mirissa a great place to visit?

Mirissa is a paradise, great spots to watch sunrise sunsets, 4 surf breaks, white sandy beaches, snorkelling and whale watching, tropical vibes, and great food places!

You can find out more about Surf & Yoga Mirissa on their website at, on Facebook at, or on Instagram at @surfnyogamirissa.

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