Our favourite Instagram travel accounts

Travel blogs are more popular than ever - here are 5 of our favourite Instagram travel accounts!


Sebastian Canaves is the adventurer behind @offthepath. Check out his page for some inspiring photos from around the globe. 


Having so far visited 105 countries, Alvaro (@wanderreds) is well on his way to visiting every country in the world - all whilst working a 9-5!


Follow Mark Wiens (@migrationology) on his foodie travels for some mouth-watering inspiration!


The awesome @earthexpedition is run by Owen Bullus, a London-based Canadian traveller. Follow him for some serious wanderlust!


Travelling couple Jess and Charlie are the faces behind @the.travel.project. Guided solely by the Instagram community, they spend their days unearthing unique travel experiences and sharing them with the world.

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