Tab vs. Local Bank POS: What You've Always Wanted to Know

Are you currently using a local bank POS device to charge customer cards? Thinking of switching to a different provider? Here's how Tab can help!
What's the difference between Tab and a POS machine?

A point of sale device, or POS, is generally provided by local banks to businesses so they can charge customers when the card is physically present. It requires hardware, like a card machine, in order to accept payments.

With a local POS:

  • You can normally only charge customers who are physically present
  • You need specific hardware to charge customers
  • You can only accept certain card types
  • You can only charge in one currency - normally your local currency

Tab, on the other hand, is a comprehensive payments and bookings platform that works online, to allow you to charge customers who have already arrived at your property or who would like to pay in advance.

With Tab:

  • You can charge customers before, during, and after their stay with our comprehensive payment tools
  • You don't need to pay any monthly fees for equipment rental - Tab is available online and as an app. All you need is a smartphone and a working Internet connection to get started!
  • You can give your team the flexibility to accept customer card payments any place, any time, with just the Tab for Business app! (You can download this on as many mobile devices as you like at no extra cost)
  • You can accept all major card types, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners' Club, Union Pay and more
  • You can set your pricing currency to your local currency or USD - and then your customers can pay in their local currency, saving them money on costly bank fees!
Why should I consider switching to Tab?
  • Our fees are transparent and fair. We only charge 2.9% for in-person payments. Never more.
  • No surcharges for foreign cards or American Express
  • No upfront or monthly fees
  • No hardware needed (just download our mobile app!)
  • Receive free payouts to your local bank account anywhere in the world in your local currency or USD

What does Tab do better?

Lots of businesses switch from using a local bank's POS device to Tab for their in-person card payments.

This is because Tab is specially set up to work with tourist businesses around the world who deal with lots of international customers. We handle all currencies and all major card types with no added fees and no hardware needed. This is different to most providers who increase their fees depending on a customer's bank country and currency.

We also offer a whole host of booking and payment solutions, so that you can manage all your different customer payments in one place.

We provide:

  • Support with customer disputes/chargebacks
  • Easy tools for processing full or partial refunds (including all fees)
  • The ability to charge customers in advance
  • Transparent pricing for your customers — they won’t be charged any hidden fees
  • Compatibility with different Online Travel Agents, so you can charge these customers as well as any direct bookings
What else does Tab offer?
  • Charge card details received from & Expedia immediately using our OTA feature
  • Send secure payment links to your customers to secure bookings
  • Charge Virtual Cards (VCCs) from Online Travel Agents (including, Expedia, Despegar, Agoda and more)

How do I get started?

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