Travel Trends: A 2019 Recap

What trends proved the most popular in 2019? As the year draws to a close, we take a look at the travel trends of 2019 that have got people talking!

Perhaps unsurprisingly,’s annual Sustainable Travel Report reveals that nearly three quarters (72%) of travellers think that people need to make sustainable travel choices now in order to save the planet for future generations.

Consistent with that, 73% of travellers intend to stay at least once in eco-friendly or green accommodation when looking at their travel plans for the year ahead. However, the same amount said they didn’t know how to identify eco- or green accommodation - so if your business does this it’s definitely something to advertise front and centre!

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Another growing trend is to make the most of layovers - airlines in 2019 have made it easier and cheaper for travellers to extend their stopover time and explore multiple destinations on the same trip - great if your business is near a layover hub!

In terms of booking trends, also found that travellers who book in advance spend a massive 47% more on accommodation - so it’s definitely time to start using Tab’s Advance Booking feature if you’re not already. Additionally, the proportion of direct website bookings remains high overall at 66.7%, which is why we’ve built the new Tab Sell feature, which allows you to integrate Tab with your website so that you can take bookings directly.

Finally, it’s worth saying that travel is increasing in general - people are travelling more often and in a wider variety of groups, shown by increases in all travel group sizes from solo travellers through to families travelling with kids.

All in all, the tourism industry shows no signs of slowing down and we look forward to helping you all on to greater success in 2020!

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