Designed for:

Retreats and Boutiques

We've designed a payments system that works for Retreats and Boutiques - a hassle-free way of taking international payments and receiving payouts to any account, in any currency.

Secure Payments in Advance

  • Send your guests payment links when they book to secure their booking
  • Create Bills for an easy experience at the end of your guest's stay
  • Works with all OTAs
  • Give your guests the peace of mind of a confirmed booking

Simple and Straightforward

  • No hardware - get your account and start taking payments instantly
  • No monthly fees - only pay for the payments you process
  • Easy refunds
  • Get weekly payouts direct to your bank account in your preferred currency

Easy Instant Payments

  • Take payments instantly when your guests want to make additional purchases via our app
  • Unlimited app downloads - so every member of staff can take payments for added extras

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