Payments designed for tourism

We help you take card payments from any country easily in-advance and in-person, with free payouts direct to your bank account in any currency.

How it works

Charge in Advance

Let your guests secure their booking in advance by sending them a payment link before they arrive, so that they can pay online easily and safely.

You can also charge card details received from OTAs like and Expedia.

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Charge In-Person

No need for a card machine — download our app onto your phone or tablet, and your customers can pay instantly.

Prefer contact-free payments? Create a payment link using our app, and let guests pay on their own device.

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Take Website Bookings

Let guests book and pay directly on your website - just add our widget to your site and your guests can pay online.

Set availability and restrictions easily thorough your Tab account and manage both places to stay and tours/activities.

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Simple pricing. For all cards and all currencies.

International transactions shouldn't be expensive. Our prices are the same for every transaction.
per transaction
When the customer is with you, or has completed their stay or visit
 + US$1
per transaction
Before the customer arrives - this includes charging card details from OTAs
Ask us about volume pricing if your sales are above USD 50,000 per month.

How do payouts work?

We send payouts weekly direct to your bank account. We can send in over 140 local currencies - and it's free!

Because we only work with tourism businesses, we have experience sending payouts to nearly every country in the world, so you can rely on us.
  • Automatic weekly payouts
  • Free payouts in your currency
  • 140+ payout currencies
Payments That Work For You

Designed for your business

Designed for Hotels

Compatible with OTA bookings and full of features to make payments the easiest part of your business.

Designed for Hostels

Easy to set up, easy to use, and full of features to make payments the easiest part of your business.

Designed for Tour Operators

Take payments in advance and on the move!

Designed for Activity Operators

Flexible payments to suit your business. Take payments in advance or on the move.

Designed for Retreats & Boutiques

Discover hassle-free ways for taking international payments and receiving payouts to any account, in any currency.

Designed for Language Schools

Secure your bookings in advance, reduce your no-shows, and take payments from guests from all over the world.

Designed for Large Hotels & Chains

Tab can provide bespoke payment solutions for larger businesses. If your business processes more than $50,000 USD a month and you have a problem that needs solving, please contact us.

New business owner? We're here to help

Personalised advice

Let us help you make sense of your options.

Book a call with one of our advisors to talk about the best options for international payments in your country.

No commitment – just friendly, helpful advice.

Local expertise

We're designed specifically for tourism, working with thousands of businesses across the world.

We can give you advice on all your payments questions – from how to deal with different currencies to the best way to receive your payments.

Help for new businesses

We have special processes in place for new businesses with shorter trading histories.

We work with you directly and can usually get your account set up within 2-3 days, so you can rest easy knowing your payments are taken care of.
Global Availability

International Coverage

Payments by Tab currently supports thousands of tourism businesses located across Latin America, Africa & Asia. We offer payouts in local currency or any major currency – to banks in almost any country.
Don’t see your country here? You can still apply – Tab works with businesses all over the world.

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Case Studies

Meet the Business

Hospedaje Blue Ocean

"When we started the business, we had a lot of no-shows. We were not able to charge clients' credit cards in advance - we could only charge the cards once they had arrived. So Tab helped us a lot as we can charge the customer a deposit in advance - we have no no-shows any more!"

Marlen & Marco
Owners, Hospedaje Blue Ocean
Read their story  ➞
The Jaguar's Jungle

"Being able to accept credit cards is huge for us because we are so remote. The nearest ATM is an 1.5 boat ride plus a 30 minute drive away. So many people come to the area unprepared for that and now clients don't have to worry that they didn't bring enough cash to do the amazing activities we offer."

Owner, The Jaguar's Jungle
Costa Rica
Read their story  ➞
Ecotourism Nam Et-Phou Louey

"Collecting advance and instant credit card payments in Lao currency (LAK) with free payouts to Lao bank accounts! A game changer!"

Ecotourism Advisor, Ecotourism Nam Et-Phou Louey
Read their story  ➞

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