May 21, 2024

How Can I Make It Easier for my International Customers to Pay?

Are you ready to level up your business by making it super easy for your customers to pay, no matter where they are in the world? Get ready as we dive into some key strategies, focusing on international card payments, to make your customers' lives a whole lot easier.

1. Give Your Customers Payment Options

Let's start by acknowledging that customers want a variety of different options. From credit cards to bank transfers to digital wallets, give your customers the flexibility they crave - but make sure you're checking your fees on them all! Use secure and reputable payment platforms that support international transactions, ensuring compatibility with all card types and currencies to make sure there are no problems when your customers come to pay. The options will be different in every country - if you need more specific advice, get in touch with us at

2. No Surprises – Be Totally Transparent

Nobody likes hidden fees, but they're a real problem in international payments. Make sure you're aware of all the nitty-gritty details about pricing and currency conversion - we have a guide here with examples that helps explain the details. Oh, and offering to let your customers pay in their own currency? That's a game-changer!

3. Fort Knox Security Without the Hassle

Protect your customers' sensitive payment information by using advanced fraud prevention technologies such as tokenisation, encryption, and 3DS2. Not sure what this means? You're not alone, but rest assured - your payment platform should be taking care of all this (though it's worth checking!). What can you do? Regularly monitor your transactions for suspicious activity and make sure you never take customer card details to build trust and confidence among your customers.

4. Make it Easy for Customers to Pay

When a customer wants to pay, you want to minimise the number of steps required for them to complete the payment - think the least number of clicks possible! You should also avoid anything that might make your customer nervous - for example, some people will have concerns about making international bank transfers. Lots of credit cards offer additional security for your customer too, so it's normal for customers to prefer to pay by card. Payment links are really useful for this, and you should consider implementing a checkout feature on your website. There are lots of services that offer this - Tab offers one that's free with your Tab account!


And there you have it – a roadmap to make international payments a walk in the park for your customers. Our key takeaways: make sure you're using a payment platform that serves your customers and can handle the types of transactions you need - and then make sure you're not asking your customers to do anything difficult when they have to pay!

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