Spotlight On: Language Schools

We're shining a light on how language schools are using Tab during the COVID-19 travel restrictions!

At Tab, we’ve worked with language schools for many years - some have on site schools, some offer accommodation, and some have the ever-popular fully immersive stays available for their guests. They use our Advance Booking feature to confirm guests’ stays before arrival, and the Tab App is popular for any additional payments guests need to make when they arrive.

As the impact of COVID-19 became clear, language schools were among the first to offer online services to their customers who could no longer come in person. Of course, nothing can replace face-to-face lessons or an immersive homestay experience, but customers have been keen to help small businesses during this global crisis, and what better way than to keep up the resolution to learn a new language!

Language schools can offer payment links to their customers through our Advance Booking feature, or guests can pay for Gift Cards for the future if they really want the full in-country experience! Our Gift Cards feature enables your loyal guests (and new ones) to pay now for future stays, and are inspired by the incredible global response to helping independent businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. We saw how many people wanted to support their favourite businesses, and Gift Cards are a way for them to be able to do that.

If you know a language school who could benefit from Tab, tell them to get in touch, or let us know at!

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