Harnessing the Rise of Vegan Travel

It seems like veganism is a lifestyle trend that’s not going anywhere. With the rise of challenges such as Veganuary, where people go vegan for the month of January, there are more and more global travellers looking to maintain their plant-based lifestyle while abroad.
What is vegan travel?

The number of people adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet is growing worldwide. Up to 12% of Americans under 50 identify as vegetarian or vegan, and the popularity of plant-based lifestyles only continues to grow, with consumers seeing it as a sustainable lifestyle that benefits their health and the planet.

Sustainability is a buzzword for travellers today — and it's increasingly a priority for them when booking their next trip. Booking.com's Travel Report recently revealed that 72% of travellers believe that people need to act now and make sustainable travel choices to save the planet for future generations — and a big part of that includes making sustainable choices once they've reached their destination.

As more and more travellers are looking to apply the vegan ethos to their travel plans, it's a great time for businesses to respond to the trend and guarantee glowing reviews from their plant-based customers!

How can businesses respond to the trend?
1. Let travellers know you’re vegan-friendly!

A crucial first step is self-promotion! Lots of hotels and hostels provide vegan options and alternatives, but not all travellers will be aware. Make sure you highlight this on your website, social media, and OTA (online travel agent) pages — that way, you'll be able to attract more customers, whether they're vegan, vegetarian, or just intrigued by the option!

2. Vegan cooking classes

Experiencing local cuisines is an essential part of many travellers' experience, and this is set to continue — the global culinary tourism market is expected to grow by over 9% during the period 2019-2023, according to Business Wire. Why not open up your hotel or hostel's kitchen to your guests, and teach them how to make your favourite local dishes, but with a vegan twist? As vegans make up a growing number of travellers, it's a great way to immerse them in the culture and give them a memorable experience.

3. Vegan food tours

Do you know where all the best vegan spots are in your area? Travellers love local knowledge and expertise, and taking them on a tour of the best vegan restaurants and cafés in your city will be an experience they'll never forget! Or if you run food tours, be sure to mention that you include a vegan option, so all of your travellers are sure their requirements are catered for.

With Tab, your customers will be able to book their vegan tour or accommodation easily — they can pay in advance using an Advance Bookings link, and guarantee their vegan holiday experience!

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